Hurricane Harvey Update

Oh my . . . Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath.  As a principal, I can’t even imagine trying to do education after the devastation of Harvey.  I only hope that there’s something that I can do through AMP to help out the schools I’ve had the pleasure of being in touch with.  I think Blackshear is ok.  They are providing services for the community seven days a week now.  And among many other things, Rhodes lost thousands of dollars of curriculum materials and Chromebooks that were still in the boxes!!! I will do what a can to concentrate efforts in areas that the traditional funders won’t necessarily address.  And to add tragedy to tragedy, it looks like Florida is about to get the brunt of Hurricane Irma.  Just sigh.

Project AMP is Online!

Welcome to the Assistance to Mentorship and Purpose Project!

We are a small non-profit that just wanted to help students and eventually families by providing funding for small projects that would be difficult to fund through traditional resources.  In my real life, I’m a high school principal, so we began our support with the industry I know best . . . schools.  After receiving a budget from my funder, I was put in touch with Rhodes School, a fine arts magnet schools in Houston, TX and Blackshear Elementary, a Montessori magnet school in Houston ISD.  Our first project centered around literacy-materials for the media center at Rhodes, and school uniforms for Blackshear.  I’m so excited to do something for education.