Let's rebuild the village.

At AMP Inc., we realize that it takes a village to ensure the educational success of all kids, OUR kids. AMP Inc. is an small organization that is dedicated to making measurable impact in the lives of students and families.  We have been in the business of helping others since June, 2017 and to date, we have donated over $30,000 in school uniforms, supplies, reading materials and computers to schools in the Houston area.  Your dollars go directly to the educational needs of students!


"Hurricane Harveyā€¯

For the schools we work with, Hurricane Harvey has created over $2,000,000 of needs that FEMA and other entities will leave unaddressed.  Your donations will help schools like The Rhodes School and other Houston schools, replace badly needed supplies, curriculum materials, technology and other materials destroyed by Harvey.

Your donation will provide

$12 School Uniform (which doubles as clothing lost)
$50 Books for the school library
$200 Chromebook
$450 Band Uniform

Or even address larger needs
$4000 Office Furniture (Lost to flooding)
$5000 New curriculum materials (Lost to flooding)

Any gift, no matter how great or small will help.